Tobias Bong Tobi

Tobias Bong


Zřejmě nejlepší sjezdař současnosti v klasickém sjezdu. Tobias ovládnul MS 2012 i ME 2013 v dlouhém sjezdu.

Name: Tobias
Surname: Bong
Nickname: Tobi

Date of Birth: 23.03.1988


Favourite rivers in racing: Isere, FR
Favourite rivers in training: Rhein River, GER

Unpopular rivers in racing: Rhein River, GER
Profession: Student

Other sports and hobbies:Football, Chillaxen ( Mix of Chillen and Relaxen)
Results: 2nd at EM 2011 Classic, ----2012: Worldchamp Classic and Vice Champ Sprint----2013 European Champ Classic

Achievements: Be good as Vasago
Life philosophy: Gold is better than silver

Who I am: I´m Tobi
The most powerful experience: becoming Worldchampion.

Other sports that I respect: Any that requires maximal effort for long periods of time.

The most important one:
Favourite food: Cordon Bleu, Pizza, Döner, ( All that stuff that will make you fast)

Favourite music:
Favourite sport club: Rhein Kanu Club

Express of my creativity:
Favourite place on earth: Rhein Energie Stadium ( Home of Lukas Podolski)

Life goal:

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