Klára Hricová


About Klára

I'm a normal girl who enjoys riding on water. In the future, I would like to give birth to many children, which is the activity I already enjoy pretty much.

She told about herself

What do you like to do when you are not on the water?

I like to bake, baby-sit,ride a bike and above all spend time with my beloved siblings.

Your favourite music?

Stracené ráj, Queen, James Blunt

What would you wish if you caught a goldfish?

A magic ring that will fulfill my every wish.




  • RAL 3003 (Ruby Red)
  • RAL 7043 (Traffic Grey B)
  • High seat with back belt
  • Composite footrest 10cm
  • Wooden leg braces
  • Watch holder


European Champ BOVEC (SLO)

1st medal classic

World Champ MURAU (AUT)

1st medal classic

European Champ SKOPJE (MKD)

1st medal classic