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Smaller, easy handle down river kayak

About product

„GRETA“ by KickTheWaves:

We introduce you model GRETA, smaller wild water composite kayak, which can replace heavy and soft?? plastic boats like Wavehopper or Fastwave.


New kayak GRETA by Kick The Waves:

Is 400cm long, 60cm wide with 10,5kg of weight

  • versatility
  • stiffness & low weight of composite materials
  • stability & easy handling
  • ekology



We are looking to the future and following world wide EKO trend. We want to stay in production of composite boats, not plastic. Also we found solution how to reduce chemicals in (resin) epoxy and we are adding bio components.



- all kind of paddlers: from beginners to elder paddlers over 50 y. old, slalom paddlers

- low or higher weight is no problem (light kids or muscular guys over 90kg paddle with no problem)

- can be used on very difficult sprint curses (Pau - FRA, Cunova - SVK, Tacen - SLO, Trnavka CZE…)

- or contact discipline as boat-cross

- or you can just have it like second boat to find out the line on difficult curses



GRETA, it’s new kind of down river kayak for wild water. Simply easy handle, really stiff construction and low weigh (11kg „all in“) - with these properties Greta reaching universality and can help to bring wild water down river to developing countries what could get more paddlers into the community.

Paddling with Greta is equal to others wild water kayaks - mainly cause of hull shape, strong construction and low weight.

We are producing Greta in 4 basic colors (yellow, blue, red, green), so it’s easy to recognize your favorite paddler or competitors in down river BOAT CROSS race.



After comparison on flat water on short sprint with others WW kayaks - for example our Sicario - it’s just little bit slower - approximately 0,5sec on course 25sec long.

Beginners loves the stability, they are feeling safety into it. They also mentioned perfect reactions and turns. Standard WW boats are difficult to handle for them and plastic boats are too heavy.

Elder paddlers over 50 y., guys who are still keeping in shape looking for easy paddling and light weight for daily use.

Could be perfect boat for slalom paddles, who are not so skilled on down river as well (paddling on classic WW kayaks is also difficult for them - mainly Worlds Cups sprint courses).


We are producing Greta only in one composition and in four color combinations (red, blue, green, yellow + always black hull).


Prices on the web are without tax 21%.

Prices are based on current prices of materials. Can changes during the order cause of it.

Extreme difficulty

Can be used on flat water and on really difficult courses as well.





Deck design (A)

Deck design (B)

Hull design

PE knee foam brace
Watch holder
Wooden foot bar
Composite foot bar
Adjustable aluminium footrest


1,955.00 €