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Top canoe with easy handling and discharge

About product

Speed in the straight direction, great displacement, modern lines, this is how we capture the main features of the Hawk canoe from the Kick The Waves workshop, which was created with the help of the Czech representative and medalist Ondřej Rolence.If you tame the Hawk, it will reward you with speed and great manageability on all types of water, but especially in the more extreme ones.

Prices are without tax 21%. Displayed weight of the boat in each construction is without accessories and can be changed with custom design.

Prices are based on current prices of materials. Can changes during the order cause of it.

Extreme difficulty

Loď je určena pro náročnější terén





Deck design (A)

Deck design (B)

Hull design

Watch holder
C1 knee set
C1 cords for straps with instalation
C1 straps


1,595.00 €

They also use the boat