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Model designed for extreme conditions with excellent discharge

About product

Modern and trendy shapes combined with elements of pure Kick The Waves design in the highest quality and top design. These are the main signs of the new SICARIO kayak, which has the potential to dominate the downriver canoeing. Just as we are used to with boats with the KICK THE WAVES logo at the top.Sicario won the World Sprint Championships in Pau, France in 2017.

Extreme complexity of the track, sharp transitions between the current and the return currents.These are the main parameters of the artificial slalom track in Pau, which took place at the trun of September and October 2017 of the World Sprint Championships.Many competitors demanded some adjustments. French kayakers, led by the young and promising paddler Maxence Barouh, took part in the design of this model.Maxence knows the track in Pau perfectly and knows very well what the ideal boat (not only) for this track should look like. Maxence expected the kayak to be able to handle sharp transitions between fast-flowing water and reverse currents at maximum speed. The boat must be constantly slipping and, if necessary, must respond immediately. Last but not least, the boat has to accelerate perfectly when moving to quieter passages. Managed? Judge for yourself...

Prices are without tax 21%. Displayed weight of the boat in each construction is without accessories and can be changed with custom design.

Prices are based on current prices of materials. Can changes during the order cause of it.

Extreme difficulty

Boat is designed for difficult course





Deck design (A)

Deck design (B)

Hull design

PE knee foam brace
Watch holder
Wooden foot bar
Composite foot bar
Adjustable aluminium footrest
Wooden knee braces


1,675.00 €

They also use the boat