Milovníci vodních sportů ocení bezpečný převoz 1 nebo 2 kajaků

About product

The Thule Hull-A-Port XT is an evolution of the popular Hull-A-Port. The XT version can be folded down flat when not in use to reduce drag and to fit into car garages. The Stylish Hull-A-Port XT is compatible with all popular roof bars including Thule SquareBar, WingBar, WingBar Evo, WingBar Edge and AeroBar

The padded J-Bar cradle protects and carries kayaks on their side. Carrying kayaks on their side save space and allow for a second carrier to be used or even a narrow roof box or cycle carrier, perfect for holidays and short trips.

The Hull-A-Port XT can be locked in a cradle position to carry 1 Kayak or it can be postioned in the upright position to allow two Kayaks to be carried, one either side.

The Hull-a-Port XT 848 is supplied with a pair of 4.00m Thule roof rack straps with protective rubber buckle covers to prevent buckle damage to your kayak. One set of Bow and Stern Tie downs are also included.


185.00 €