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Kayak especially for women and lighter racers. With WINI, victory is guaranteed

About product

Wini has a good reason to be grateful to her older sister Wakatwo which became a pattern to her. It is difficult to imitate perfection and excellence of her versatile sibling but she has coped with that fact and has brought something more. Thanks to her perfectly shaped front deck she gives you better comfort and a better view on the course. Wini has got a twin sister – Wini Light. Her bottom was modified to give her bow a smaller displacement and that’s why this boat is more suitable for the less weighty paddlers – in other words ladies and children. We are sure she will find her place in the water and in your heart, too. Wini will simply fit you!

The ideal boat for athletes with light weight. Wini owes much to its older sister Waka, which became a pattern for this boat. It is difficult to pattern the perfection of Wakatwo, but we have managed it and Wini added something extra. Thanks to the modified front part of the deck Wini can boast about its perfect shape of the nose and therefore better view onto the course.
We have even got a twin – that’s Wini Light. Its bottom was modified the way that even people who are of a smaller build, mainly women and children, may use it with all the comfort. Surely it will find its place on the water. Wini will simply fit!

"I think this boat is great, it is very responsive in the white water but is still stable and fast on the flat. Good boat!"
Hannah Brown, member of GBR wild water team

Prices are without tax 21%. Displayed weight of the boat in each construction is without accessories and can be changed with custom design.

Prices are based on current prices of materials. Can changes during the order cause of it.





Deck design (A)

Deck design (B)

Hull design

PE knee foam brace
Watch holder
Wooden foot bar
Composite foot bar
Adjustable aluminium footrest
Wooden knee braces


1,975.00 €

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