Anežka Paloudová


About Anežka

I really don't like to introduce myself briefly, if you really want to know something, let's go for wine or coffee.

She told about herself

What is your biggest weakness?

When I see food, I eat. When I see wine, I drink.

What would you wish if you caught a goldfish?

To help me to pass successfully all the credits and exams at school.

Your most favourite superhero and why?

My mom, because there is no better superhero than her.




  • RAL 4010 (Telemagenta)
  • RAL 9005 (Jet Black)
  • RAL 5012 (Light Blue)
  • High seat with back belt
  • Alu adjustable footrest 15cm
  • Wooden leg braces
  • Watch holder


MS 2019 LA SEU (ESP)

2nd medal K1W sprint

European Champ 2019 BOVEC (SLO)

3rd medal K1W classic
3rd medal C1W classic

World Champ 2017 PAU (FRA)

1st medal C2W sprint

World Champ 2016 BANJA LUKA (BIH)

1st medal C1W classic

World Champ 2015 VIENNA (AUT)

2nd medal K1W sprint

European Champ 2015 BANJA LUKA (BIH)

3rd medal classic C1