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This watch mount brings you simple solution how to fix you watch on board of avery kind of kayak / canoe.

Mount your Watch / GPS on your ski or kayak. Keep your paddling data and times within view and safely connected to your craft. No loss of devices due to broken foot straps. Optional twist lock heavy duty suction cup with tether available. Sold seperately

Watch Mount is superbly designed to mount any sports watch and securely mount to any kayak shape. Its strong powdercoated alloy construction, closed cell EVA foam and heavy duty silicon suction cups make the perfect peice of equipment to mount your sports watch. This unique design has the ability to adjust the lower suction tab angle to match any contour of your hull. With this feature it will ensure you have the strongest suction force available and it has been tested in some rough conditions. If you are the type of person with watch mount anxiety, you dont need to be worried we have the super stong Samson suction mount safety tether also available part n

• Strong yet ligtweight alloy frame

• EVA closed cell foam

• Heavy Duty Silicon suction cups

• Adjustable lower tabs to match hull shape

• Recessed watch band holder

• 45 degree viewing angle

• Colour Black.


25.00 €

They also use the accessory

Martina Satková

She comes form Brno and was born in 1998. She loves roasted chicken with rice. Since she was a child, she has been competing in canoeing on wild water - slalom and downriver. Now she enjoyes sports full time and that's exactly what she loves.In addition, she studies economics and management at the University and lives in Prague.

Barbora Dimovová

Honest, funny and a little confused too.

Barbora Bayerová

I'm firendly and positive. I like skiing and culture.Everything I do, I do as best I can

Anežka Paloudová

I really don't like to introduce myself briefly, if you really want to know something, let's go for wine or coffee.

Tereza Kneblová

Apart from training, I'm quite lazy. I throw myself into everythning and I like to make fun of myself.

Adam Satke

Kayaker in body and soul, unfortunately it is not so visible on the body.

Kamil Mrůzek

Eight-time world champion in patrol races and multiple medalist in European Championship races.

Klára Hricová

I'm a normal girl who enjoys riding on water. In the future, I would like to give birth to many children, which is the activity I already enjoy pretty much.

Petra Štěpánková

I'm not very confident young girl who tries to help the people around me. She also tries to achieve the best results in everything she does.

Karel Slepica

I have been racing in the SKUP Olomouc section since 2000. Since the youth, I specialize only in white water rafting. During my racing career, I also tried speed canoeing at the national level. I live in Olomouc and canoeing is an integral part of my life.