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Kayak for (daily) paddling on the sea, rives and lakes

About product

Experts from KTW were often facing to wishes of their many customers to manufacture a boat which would enable tourist as well sporting run on the watery rivers, lakes and on the sea. The KTW, as a successful world-wide producer of racing down-river boats , has managed a technology of manufacturing and it was consequent , that there will continue producing boats for another use.

There was an intention to produce a sea-kayak suitable for expedition paddling as well as for sporting training or races of sea kayaks. The kayak Bora is the result of this procedure. The kayak was designed with using the 3D method of shapping and the final datas was used for CNC manufacturing the kayak model. The dimensions and the shape of this kayak were designed to be in accordance with USCA rules for racing of sea kayaks.

Prices on the web are without tax.

Prices are based on current prices of materials. Can changes during the order cause of it.


You can choose:

  • only one color for the deck (or clear / natural carbon look ... even there is possibility of two colors in the configurator)
  • one color for the hull (or clear / natural carbon look with Black Edition or kevlar-carbon with Sporty version)
  • seam color
  • color of the hatches covers
  • Kick The Waves composite seat (color or natural look = carbon look with Black Edition or kevlar-carbon with Sporty version)

Basic specification:

Overall lenght: 548,5 cm
Lenght in waterline: 10 cm (4“): 544 cm
Overall width: 52 cm
Width in waterline: 10 cm (4“): 48,5 cm

Storage spaces:
1. Front – volume 95 l, composite + neopren hatch 68 cm / 18 – 28 cm (see picture)
2. Day - volume 40 l, circular hatch dia 15 cm
3. Rear – volume 98 l, composite + neopren hatch 72 cm / 18 – 28 cm
( see picture)

- dimensions ( inner dimensiosn) 42 x 86,5 cm
- volume 150 l

Overall kayak volume: 383 l
Suitable overall weight (includes cargo): 80 – 160 kg
Suitable paddler weight: 75 – 110 kg

Standart kayak fittings ( identical for Sporty and Expedition performances)

Rudder - KS Navigator + KS flex joint steering system
Seat - KS Ergo seat size M
Hatches –Eliptical composite +neopren hatches - KTW
Circular hatch – KS - dia 15 cm – „ click on hatch “
Fastening ropes for attachement of GPS or sport tester on the board
All storage spaces are made in standart execution of the BORA 18
Extra Kayak fittings (for the request)

Safety high – visibility stripes on the board of the kayak
Keel strip
Fully water-resistant and removable electric bilge pump (total weight up to 0.8 kg). The switching on/off is provided by water-resistant magnetic indicators.
The kayak can be equipped also by the skeg.
The own colour design of the boat
The own composition of the boat
Notice: in the case of special requests there will be provided the individual calculation of the kayak price.





Deck design (A)

Deck design (B)

Hull design

Watch holder
BORA seat
Rudder system
Deck fitting, hatches & cover system
Accessories BORA


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