Unique canoe designed for long paddling on calm and running water. TRIPPER marathon number one

About product

This canoe is designed to allow the crew to get a new driving experience, and it does not matter whether the performance will be racing on the river marathon or just a relaxing weekend trip in the lake or pond. Tripper was built to be comfortable and adequately fast but also to be able to go through the some rapids. The concept of this boat follows-up the earlier tradition of popular lake canoes in North America, but it was substantially adapted to the conditions in European rivers. Production technology is similar to our top wildwater kayaks and the final result is a compact, solid and durable canoe which doesn’t need to be afraid of even big rapids. Tripper is surely going to grant the wishes to all who want to paddle really fast boat and do not want to solve problems with their aching knees.





Deck design (A)

Deck design (B)

Hull design

Watch holder
Tripper accessories


2,959.00 €