Unique canoe designed for long paddling on calm and running water. TRIPPER marathon number one

About product

This canoe is designed to allow the crew to get a new driving experience, and it does not matter whether the performance will be racing on the river marathon or just a relaxing weekend trip in the lake or pond. Tripper was built to be comfortable and adequately fast but also to be able to go through the some rapids. The concept of this boat follows-up the earlier tradition of popular lake canoes in North America, but it was substantially adapted to the conditions in European rivers. Production technology is similar to our top wildwater kayaks and the final result is a compact, solid and durable canoe which doesn’t need to be afraid of even big rapids. Tripper is surely going to grant the wishes to all who want to paddle really fast boat and do not want to solve problems with their aching knees.

There is a fully vacuum-treated boat produced from aramid - carbon, PVC Herex and glass fabric.
Most of customers have ultralight version.
Composition and production  technology of Tripper  is identical with racing downriver boats from KTW (leading world producer of downriver boats in present) But it is sure, when You touch the rock in canoe with 2 paddlers in high speed, You ever make the hole :-) You can be sure, that carbon composition is the moust  strengh solution, You can have.
There is only 1 critical place for destruction - the stern of canoe. It is dangerous, when You jump the weir and stern contact the stone. But it is well solved in case of Tripper. We produce there slot where we insert Aluminum plate (it copy shape of the canoe), the aluminium plate catch all stern contacts with the rocks and protect canoe from 100%.
You can be sure, that your race is easy river for Tripper.
You can have all carbon in view in Black Edition version (we recommend colored deck).
Take care also  for paddles, it is necessary to use short paddles with relatively small blades. This boat needs different way of strokes then  tourist canoes. We use very good paddles from Raab paddles company (offered by KTW).
Charakteristic features of Tripper
Tripper is costruct as comfortable, but fast and flexible canoe. When paddlers use spraydecks , they can go relatively wild water with watery rapids. Our experiences say, that www III is acceptable for Tripper. Tripper was successful on well known river marathons, as Krumlovsky , Adige and Ardeche marathons, also in competition with racing downriver canoes. Comfort in the cockpit help to paddlers participation on extremely long marathons on lakes, when they have to spend many hours in the boat. (marathons Ceske Budejovice - Prague, DW race, etc.

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You can choose:

  • only one color for the deck (or clear / natural carbon look ... even there is possibility of two colors in the configurator)
  • one color for the hull (or clear / natural carbon look with Black Edition or kevlar-carbon with Sporty version)
  • seam color
Dimensions of the boat are based on standard marathon rules used world wide.
Weight: about 15,5 - 17,9kg
Composition: AC, C, HEREX without glass fiber
There is PVC HEREX sandwich in all of our boats so they are fully vacuum-treated. It make possible to obtain very solid and lightweight body of canoe. Outside surface is composed by pure carbon layer , then are several layers of herex and aramid (kevlar) - carbon fabric. But there is possible to paint whole surface of the canoe, if you wish. In case of painted bottom we prefer to change position of composite layers. Outside layer is AC. You can choose Your own colors.
There are 2 shaped seats from carbon fiber, which are assembled On construction from Al tubes. Thanks of that You can change position of both paddlers and optimize front - back balance of the canoe.
There are also several partitions in the canoe, which make canoe's body stronger. Partitions are produced from very light but strength materials (herex + carbon)
- Tripper is designed as open canoe, but you can use sprydecks for all holes
- We advice use carbon cover for big middle hole (for racing). But it can be opened very easy
If you need load the boat:
- the stern is protected via Aluminium plate, which is insert to special chamber in the bottom. It is very important for protection of stern, when You touch some stones or hard bed of the river. Alu plate is easy substitutable, when it is damaged. Alu plate is insert lightly up the keel (about 2 mm) and doesn't work as a fin. Edge of Alu plate copy shape of the stern.
Accessories (Extra)
- carbon plates fixed to the cocpit´s holes - can be used as a tables for fixing Q32GPS, watches, food, etc
- carbon lugs - for fixing camel bags, dry bags , bags anywhere in the canoe - individual choice of paddler
- electric pump – 20 - 40 l / min in accordance of hose pipe´india (weight cca 800 g). System of water pump is fully waterproof includes switch on system. The pump is easy to install and remove from the boat
Production terms: about 6 - 12 weeks after final order.





Deck design (A)

Deck design (B)

Hull design

Watch holder
Tripper accessories


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