Adam Satke


About Adam

Kayaker in body and soul, unfortunately it is not so visible on the body.

He told about himself

What would you wish if you caught a goldfish?

Probably nothing, easy paths to the goal are nothnig for me.

3 most favourite movies?

Chatch me if you can, Home Alone, Marečku podejte mi pero

What do you like to do when you are not on the water?

Mostly other sports activities (cross-country skiing, cycling, swimming, gym), or hanging around cars.


GRM Kick the Waves Meatfly




  • RAL 3020 (Traffic Red)
  • Carbon
  • Max seat with back belt
  • Alu adjustable footrest 30cm
  • Wooden leg braces
  • Watch holder


European Champ 2019 BOVEC (SLO)

3rd medal classic
1st medal classic team
1st medal sprint team

World Cup 2019 TREIGNAC (FR)

2nd classic classic

Czech Champ 2019 (CZE)

1st classic

Czech Cup 2019 (CZE)

Winner of Czech Wold Cups 2019

World Champ 2019

3rd medal sprint team

World Champ 2018 MUOTA (CHE)

4th place classic
2dn medal classic team