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Cayenne was created to dominate at world championships in the Italian Valtellina. The extreme complexity of the river Adda required a number of changes, so that the boat had the best handling characteristics in large waves and stopers, which was the change the competitors at the World Championship were waiting for. The contemporary Tomas Slovak & French representatives together with the legend, twice European champion in 2001 in the Italian Sesia Maxim Clerin, participated at this emergence of the latest kayak Cayenne. Cayenne is based on the successful Tonga. Compared to its predecessor, the Cayenne is bigger, especially on the rear deck and the changes undergone toe and rear of the new kayak. The main goal was to improve handling in extreme whitewater while maintaining speed on calm water and this was managed for a hundred percent. Thanks to the larger volume of the Cayenne it supports also competitors with higher weight, while for lighter competitors it can be cut and individually modified. The world leader has high hopes for this latest model of KTW.

Prices are without tax 21%. Displayed weight of the boat in each construction is without accessories and can be changed with custom design.

Prices are based on current prices of materials. Can changes during the order cause of it.

Extreme difficulty

Boat is designed for difficult course





Deck design (A)

Deck design (B)

Hull design

PE knee foam brace
Watch holder
Wooden foot bar
Composite foot bar
Adjustable aluminium footrest
Wooden knee braces


1,595.00 €

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